DiamondGuard® glass is bold, brilliant and true. Bold in the face of wear and tear. Brilliant in a patented process that delivers unprecedented performance.
True in its enduring value. DiamondGuard® glass is more durable and continues to “look like new” far longer than ordinary glass. Its endurance in the real world redefines the possibilities for glass.

DiamondGuard® glass respects the environment in three key ways.

Firstly, its surface is scientifically proven to be harder and smoother than standard glass and takes only a few seconds to clean. Secondly, DiamondGuard® glass is far tougher than standard glass. In the case of high footfall applications, this means fewer expensive refits and a significant annual reduction in waste. Thirdly, use of DiamondGuard® reduces the risk of damage and increases performance during manufacture.

entrance walls, tables/desks, counter-tops, interior walls, kiosks, escalators, parapets and lift cabins.